A full service massage may mean different things to different people. While the goal of a regular massage is to make the recipient feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and refreshed, an adult full service massage does the same, with a little bit extra included.

Understanding the Full Service Massage

Understanding the Full Service Massage

The adult full service massage focuses on providing customers with a massage that allows them to experience the full extent of their masseuse’s services, typically with a “release” at the end. Generally, an adult full service massage is synonymous with a sensual or erotic massage. These massages typically start off the same way a regular body massage would.

However, an adult full service massage allows the customer to experience the pleasure of the massage across their entire body. The extent of the massages depends on what each masseuse offers. Most of these full service massages include every aspect of an erotic massage, including massaging various pleasure points that are restricted during regular massages.


While some businesses do offer full service massages with the inclusion of intercourse, a client should never expect this when walking into a massage parlor or spa. As the purpose of a massage is to bring pleasure to the client through the act of massage, the extent of the touching usually culminates with rubbing by hand. However, it’s up to the masseuse to decide how “erotic” the massage will become.

Full Service Massages and Escorts

Full Service Massages and Escorts

Many escort services do provide their clients with the option of an adult full service massage. Clients that choose to receive a full service massage through an escort service should go off of what the escort deems is appropriate. In most cases, this full service massage will include everything in the realm of erotic physical contact.

What to Expect?

Erotic Massage

Whether you are used to receiving massages or you are new to massage therapy, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when you go to receive an adult full service massage:

Take the masseuse’s lead

The masseuse is the one who sets the terms of the massage. Never expect anything to be included in the massage unless you have been explicitly told ahead of time by the masseuse.

Keep your hands to yourself

Massage veterans likely already know this but anyone new to a full service massage may make the mistake of trying to get handsy themselves. When receiving a massage, always understand that you are the one receiving the touching, not vice-versa.

Know the restrictions

While it may be awkward to ask initially, it’s best to know what your massage therapist will and will not allow. Be sure to ask their restrictions before the massage begins so that you both will be able to have an enjoyable experience.

Be sure to tip

While you may feel incredibly relaxed after your massage, remember that this is still a service that your masseuse should be tipped for. This is especially true if you received any “extras” with your massage as this isn’t often reflected in the standard rate.

Whether you’re preparing for a full service massage or you’re just curious about what it means, keep this guide in mind. Everything is more pleasurable when you really understand the art of the full service massage.

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