5’4″ 34C-25-36 22yrs

If you have always wondered what living in heaven would be like, then spending some quality hours with Arabella will answer your mystification adequately. She possesses all the aces up her sleeve that she needs to take care of you while you enjoy your stay. She plays with you to understand you better, touches you to make you feel well, and takes a step further to

She is an enchantress who is well-versed with the tricks that will keep you wriggling with pleasure every time you step inside the room with her. She is a master when she wants you to make the most of your time in the town with her sauciness and amorousness. She is a slave when you want her to be obedient to your gentle requests and dominating commendation.

Her dazzling assets send a shiver of excitement and eroticism down your spine, and soon you find your hands playing with her. In no time, you realize that you have retrieved the lost treasure that was waiting for you only to be explored and devoured. She understands you, just like Sabrina. You don’t need to open up to her to convey what fancies you. Every time she walks through the door looks into your eyes to reflect all that she has for you; you find yourself losing control and becoming hornier than you have ever been.

Her sighs and moans make you feel as if you got her under control, but the very next moment, you find yourself kneeling before her and urging never to stop playing with you. She is an angel who grants all your desires using her soft and curvy parts that do a miracle to your own.   She is the fantasy that you have been longing for your whole life to quench your amative desires with her amorously teasing traits.

If you are in the town for sightseeing, then her splendid cuts and curves will steal all of your attention and keep you glued to her throughout your stay. In case you are here to take care of some business, then she takes care of you around every corner of the city and keeps you presentable and tempting for every presentation or meeting.