Over the years, men have been told that their premarital party should be as debaucherous as possible. These days, when organizing a bachelor party, it doesn’t mean you must resort to a strip club or a cheap bar. There are many other things in Toronto to do that are exciting, entertaining, and out of the ordinary. Canada has excellent options for a truly unforgettable time.

Consider the groom himself and think about his favorite activities. If your pal has always wanted to do a particular activity but hasn’t, now is the time. Here are some top stag party ideas for the best bachelor party in Toronto.

1. Hire Strippers

Hire Strippers

No bachelor party would be complete without the appearance of a stripper or going to a strip club. Treat your bachelor to a sexy lap dance that won’t get him in the doghouse. Strippers and female exotic dancers are all industry professionals and provide top quality entertainment. If you want to make it a surprise, your stripper can coordinate with you on how to enter the house or hotel.

2. Go On A Bar Crawl

Go On A Bar Crawl

For a good old-fashioned bachelor party, head down to Dundas West and go on a bar crawl. This street alone is chocked full of amazing pubs worthy of your bachelor party. There are also plenty of Toronto’s top theme bars you can tour. You can even start the crawl at Bellwoods Brewery for some craft beer, followed by Track and Field for boozy lawn games. If the gang prefers something more club-focused, the Entertainment District won’t disappoint.

3. Take A Cocktail Workshop

Take A Cocktail Workshop

Learning how to make specialty cocktails before the party gets started is a great way to have some highbrow fun. Places like Bartender One in Toronto creates customized workshops where you can learn how to make awesome martinis and mojitos.

There are also several whiskey bars to explore and discover the finer points of distillation while sampling fresh whiskey off the still. The Adelaide Street watering hole is well-known for its selection of Canadian and international whiskey’s. They also offer tastings and workshops where you can learn about your favorite cocktails.

4. Go Camping – Stoned!

Go Camping - Stoned!

If the bachelor is into the great outdoors, plan a camping trip with the guys. You can go hunting, do a bit of target practice, ax throwing, fishing, or go backpacking. Toronto has several beautiful locations where you can rent a treehouse or rustic cabin in the woods.

Also, the combination of nature and weed is something which can give you experinece of a lifetime. Weed is legal in Canada. Get some pot, go camping with your buddies and smoke up there.

5. Extreme Sports

Dirt biking

If the groom is an adrenaline junkie who loves the threat of bodily harm, consider a party that will get everyone’s blood pumping. Skydiving, rock climbing, driving race cars, scuba diving with sharks, or bungee jumping. Toronto offers many places to jump out of a plane, or there are simulated skydiving locations as well.

If the bachelor loves to ski or snowboard, Vaughan’s Axis Freestyle Academy is an indoor dry slope park that allows you and your friends to practice your moves without the snow. It’s open year-round, so you won’t have to wait for the winter.


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