Canada Legalizes Marijuana, The Parties Are About To Start

The entire nation of Canada is about ready to start the party. The country has become the second on the planet to fully legalize marijuana throughout their borders. The people in Toronto in particular are happy about it as a lot of the support for legalization has come from that area as well as other cities throughout the country.

CNN is reporting that car horns were blaring and cheers were heard from passersby as they celebrated their newfound freedom. The first dispensary was set to open on Wednesday October 31st, 2018.

Who Is Eligible To Purchase Marijuana?

Who Is Eligible To Purchase Marijuana?

Anyone in the country who is over the age of nineteen (eighteen in Alberta and Quebec) is permitted to purchase, use, and grow marijuana. These are the rules that have been implemented after the Senate in Canada legalized marijuana back in June. They had been waiting to put into place their set of rules so that they could get this thing up off the ground.

What Kind Of Locations Can Sell It?

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The government of Canada has set up strict licensing rules to make sure that the only people who are legally selling marijuana in Canada are those who have gone through the proper authorities first. This means that there are certain standards that have to be met in order for any particular facility to be granted the right to sell marijuana to the public.

There is some concern that the amount of supply is not going to be enormous at least for the first few days that marijuana is being legally sold. This is because not all of the stores in Toronto are fully prepared and equipped to handle the new influx of customers. That being said, the supply is expected to catch up with the demand, and it shouldn’t be too much longer before the stores are able to provide the people with what they want.

What To Know About Weed And Traveling

You should understand that you are not legally permitted to travel outside of Canada with your weed. Although it is completely legal within the borders of Canada, it is not in most other countries. If you try to transport your legal weed with you it is very possible that you will end up in legal trouble wherever you end up next. It is not smart to think that any one country’s laws apply elsewhere.

Pardons Are Coming For Previous Offenders

Cannabis is legal now in Canada, More Fun in Toronto Now!

You should know that pardons are coming for many previous marijuana law offenders in Canada. The country has decided to take mercy on those who were convicted before this new law went into place. Thus, there may soon be a lot more people on the streets ready to party in the new pro-weed culture that is going to exist throughout the entire country of Canada. It is going to be an interesting time that you bet the rest of the world will be keeping an eye on. Toronto is just about ready to really get the party started.

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