Hanging out with friends is something we all enjoy, but doing the same thing can make seeing your friend more of a boring chore. Instead of going for the usual weekend dinners with your friends, spice things up by doing something a little wild. Read on for some crazy things everyone should do with their friends at least once.

1. Rave Parties

Rave parties are fun as long as you know proper people and have got your back covered. If you get your hands on some private and exclusive party, you’ve hit a goldmine. There will be psychedelics, girls, booze and trippy music to enjoy. Try your luck online and you just might get invited to a rave party with your friends.

2. Do Something Physical

Do Something Physical

Are you interested in starting a new hobby? Maybe you’ve always wanted to enroll in a dance class? Now is the time to do it. Signing up for a physically interactive weekly or bi-monthly activity is an excellent way to spend time with friends without falling into the same boring routine.

An exciting physical activity doesn’t have to something intensive like hiking or running a marathon. Alternatively, going to the park to walk your dog or play Frisbee serves as an excellent way to take in the great outdoors without taking on too much.

3. Road Rush At Late Night and Return After Sunrise

Road Rush At Late Night and Return After Sunrise

Rushing through the straight highways at night is one of the most satisfying experiences one can ever get. With the amount of traffic as daylight, it’s nearly impossible to try out our link in the day. In the night however, you can take a couple of your friends for a speedy drive.

If you’re not a morning person, this really is a crazy idea. Make it a point to get up early with a friend and travel to see the sunrise. Whether you go to the roof of a parking lot or travel to a park or the beach, going out to see the sunrise is a great way to hang out while changing your scenery a bit.

4. Invite a Stripper to Your Party

Invite a Stripper to Your Party

Have a friend’s birthday coming up? What better way than to celebrate by inviting a sexy guest. Call a stripper and plan to have the craziest night of your life! In Toronto, the strippers are easier to reach and book.

If you want to really add to the fun, start speaking in your accent of choice whenever you get the chance. Tip the stripper for a friendly massage and you’ll have a pair of hands going all over your body.

5. Create a Hitchhiking Contest

If you’ve never hitchhiked before, this idea may really seem like a crazy one. Friends willing to take the risk can have fun participating in a hitchhiking contest. Start the fun by picking a destination. Each person should hitchhike from a different location. The winner of the contest will be the friend that arrives at the final destination first. To play it safe, consider hitchhiking in groups of two rather than individually.

6. Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage

Who wouldn’t mind having an erotic massage from a sexy masseuse? With all oil flowing over your body, you can take a break from everything that has been happening around you all these days. The tensed muscles will be taken care of and so will be your needs.

Having fun is all about getting creative. Ready to connect with your friends in new and exciting ways? Be sure to try these six ideas during your next get together.

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