Do you want to spend time with an escort, but you’re afraid of being scammed. Below are some down-and-dirty tips to keep you out of trouble:

If she looks too good to be true…


Some of the more popular free newspapers list ads for female companions. While some of the models might look like the average woman around the city, there are often photos posted that look like a man’s dream-come-true.

Don’t fall for it! Come on, what are the chances of a Hollywood-worthy erotic model finding you at a regional escort agency? Doesn’t it make sense for someone this beautiful to book gigs with the A-list adult magazines and movie sets? She’s not working at a regional escort agency, regardless of how classy or elegant the agency is!

And even if she were, know that you probably wouldn’t be able to afford the rates she’d charge for her time. Bottom line, if the model’s photo looks too breathtaking to be true, then the ad is probably meant to scam eager clients out of their money.

Hang out in relevant online communities

So how to you find a lady to spend time with while avoiding a financial scam? The best way to do this is to find relevant online communities. While we won’t mention any by name, a quick Google search will lead you towards online forums and boards that specialize in naming legitimate escort agencies.

Members will state what they liked about the agency, along with whether theirs was a legitimate experience or not. They’ll also let you know the ads and the so-called agencies to stay away from. And if there’s any escorts out there who aren’t treating their clients right, then they’ll warn other forum members, too.

Ask the booker lots of qualifying questions

calling an agency

If you make contact with a legitimate agency that isn’t out to harm you physically or scam you out of your money, then the first person you’ll speak with is the booker. The booker is in charge of setting up the date with the escort.

The booker also collects fees and information from the client. But since it’s easy for anyone to pretend to be a booker, be sure to ask as many qualifying questions about the agency and your upcoming escort experience as you can think of.

Here’s the thing: A legitimate business won’t mind entertaining and answering your questions. On the other hand, a scam operation will make you feel rushed. They’ll act as if you’re wasting their time, and they’ll press you for payment.

Are they a cash-only operation?

Here’s another sign that you’re dealing with a legitimate company: They accept credit cards as a form for payment. This is important for several reasons. First, it’s challenging for any business operator to gain access to credit card processing. They can’t use online payment processors like PayPal because it’s illegal to use those platforms for adult services.

Second, the company owner has to have a great credit rating in order to be approved as a credit card payment processor. And third, credit card transactions leave paper trails. If someone is setting up escort clients, then the last thing they’d want is to leave behind identifying information for the cops.

Instead, scammers run cash-and-carry operations. This means that in theory, the customer can gain immediate access to a product after handing over cash. But instead of gaining access to a date with an escort, the scammed client will find themselves robbed and physically harmed.

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