34d 24 35 113lb 5’4 22 yrs

Only a few women are familiar with the art of pleasing men and blowing their senses with their lustful teasing in the way that Mandy is blessed with. Annika too is a master in this art. She not only talks to her clients like a sweet and innocent girl to kindle the fire already starting to incite your sexual senses but also proceeds like a pro with touching your parts and causing an erection to add fuel to this fire.

If it is the bodily feature of a woman that she you lay your eyes on first and that turn you on the most, then you might get lucky if you finalize your stay in the city with her. Her assets are so perky and enticing that you can’t take your eyes off her when she starts peeling off her apparels one by one.

She doesn’t believe in revealing all the cards in a go, rather she takes her time to build generate curiosity and excitement and increase the intensity caused so that you both get lots of pleasure and a bit of sweet pain. When you start your good times with her, you feel like never stopping for a break. You want to stay there and give her your best.

She demands your attention when you are around her so that she can make love to you the way you deserve. Never hold yourself back to tell her what you want. She sets the room on the fire of her passion for you, and you both get entangled with each other in the lustful flames of this fire which takes more of you with every minute you bide to cool off which eventually leave you sighing and breathing heavily.

Don’t get any wrong ideas from her calm eyes that hide secrets in them. One moment she is as stable as the leaves of trees in the absence of air while the very next moment when you start fondling her, she is the wildest thing that you have ever come across. It takes a real man to control her and make her obey you, and when you succeed it, she follows all your orders without questioning your authority.