Happy wife, happy life? The saying is more than true. While you may be looking to have downtime while home alone, if you’re wife is at the house, now is the chance to make sure she is happy. Read on for five ways to please your wife while she’s home with you.

1. Check-In with Her

Check-In with Her

Life can be hard to handle, just as relationships are difficult to manage. While your wife may seem to be okay on the outside, there may be more going on than you realize. This is why it’s so important to check-in regularly. Whether you ask her about her day, see if she’s okay or just stop to tell her how much you love her, this opportunity is a great way to maintain your connection with your wife.

2. Laugh Together

Couples have their ups and downs. If tensions are running high, now is the time to try to get her to laugh. Try watching a comedy or reminiscing over a hilarious memory that you both share. By laughing together, you will help to strengthen your bond, allowing you both to feel better about one another.

3. Fit in a Massage


Whatever mindset you or your wife may be in, a massage is the perfect way to get you both to feel better. Start the love fest by offering to give your wife a message. If she’s had a long day in her Toronto office or is particularly stressed about something, she will jump at the offer. During this time, you both can chat about your day, discussing any good or bad things that happened.

Try taking the massages to another level by hiring a masseuse to come to the house. When you both enjoy a couples massage together, you’ll find that you both are brought closer together and are more relaxed overall.

4. Get Physical


Aside from getting sexually intimate, there are other ways to get physical with your wife. Make a habit of giving her a hug, a kiss, and perhaps an intense cuddling session. Regardless of how your sex life is going, you’ll find that regularly showing your wife affection will bring the two of you closer together. As you start to give hugs and kisses everytime she’s in the house, you’ll find that your sex life may improve as well.

5. Play Games

Taking the time to play games together is seriously underrated. Whether you’re a competitive person or you enjoy sharing a laugh as you play your favorite board game, you’ll find the activity to be an exciting way to spend time with your wife. As far as date nights go, pulling out Scrabble and spending the evening is an inexpensive yet romantic way to enjoy each other’s company. In addition to board games, consider playing a physical game like paintball, laser tag or Twister.

Don’t take your wife’s company for granted. Spend time together by trying out one or all of these five ideas with your significant other.

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