For anyone interested in contacting an escort in the Toronto area, it can be confusing to translate the alphabet soup of terms and acronyms under an escort’s services page. This article seeks to enlighten potential customers in order to ensure that all parties are satisfied.


A civilian is someone whose primary reason for working as an escort is an embrace of sexuality and a desire to have many partners; the fact that she can make money pursuing this path is just a fringe benefit.


This denotes an escort that is comfortable with clients of both sexes.

All covered

This denotes that an escort works with condoms involved. See also: “all covered play.”

Baby dyke

This denotes a female escort that has recently discovered she is a lesbian.


An acronym that stands for bareback sex with a blowjob session that continues until climax with the promise that the escort will swallow.


A massage session that is intended to transition into sex. This is not actually called a message because such terms are usually restricted to licensed escorts with professional training in that skill.


Not to be confused with cognitive behavior therapy, CBT in this context means “cock-and-ball torture,” a sadomasochistic activity involving various cages, clamps and other devices being used upon the penis and testicles.

Crime scene action

This conveys that the escort is willing to work during her period.


Having an affair after marriage and before proceeding with a divorce.


A subset of bondage and discipline involving whips and canes.


The escort is willing to having a finger inserted in the anus.


The escort is “Drug and Disease Free.” They have no illnesses nor interest in illicit substances.


The escort is a freelancer, working on their own with no connection to an agency.


A specific configuration of threesome involving one man and two women.


The escort promises to give the client the “fuck of the century.”


The escort is offering “full service,” meaning that sex is on the menu. See also: “full meal deal” and “MPCFS,” the latter of which means full service with multiple positions allowed.


A “girlfriend experience” that includes the escorts mouth, vagina, and anus. A girlfriend experience is a specific tone of service that is said to be closer to making love than just animalistic sex.


Shorthand for analingus and taken from the expression “her tongue up my ass.”


The client is to meet at the escort’s chosen location.


The client is allowed to achieve climax more than once during the session. See also: “MSOG.”


The parties rub privates together without any insertion.

Hope these terminologies will help you in communicating the best way possible with your escort or the agency. These terminologies are really helpful when talking in code languages. Make sure to use just these short forms in messaging and emails used for communicating.

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