With a population approaching 3 million residents, and thousands of visitors coming to the city annually, Toronto is a thriving community. Toronto offers an array of different types of entertainment options. This includes adult entertainment opportunities of different types.

The Brass Rail

Located at 701 Yonge Street, The Brass Rail is a prime destination for adult entertainment in Toronto. The Brass Rail can best be described as a high-end strip club with female performers. Unlike a good many strip clubs, The Brass Rail is diligent in striving to maintain a sense of style among its performers.

Oasis Aqualounge


Oasis Aqualounge, located at 231 Mutual Street in Toronto, is truly an adult entertainment establishment. Six nights a week, a man visiting Oasis Aqualounge must be accompanied by a woman. A single man can visit the establishment alone on Mondays.

In the 1960s, Oasis Aqualounge would have been christened a “swinger’s club.” The establishment is definitely a clothing optional venue. In fact, guests are encouraged to disrobe and there are lockers in which apparel can be safely stowed.

Boundaries are well-established and enforced by the staff at Oasis Aqualounge. The establishment is a body and sex friendly venue.

Steamworks Toronto

Steamworks Toronto is a well-maintained gay bathhouse. Steamworks is located at 540 Church Street. The crew at Steamworks keeps the place in tip-top, very clean condition. This is vital to a gay bathhouse. The venue comes complete with saunas, spas, private rooms, and plenty of lockers.

Unlike many bathhouses, Steamworks Toronto attracts a pretty wide crowd of different types of guests. Visitors to Steamorks are nearly universal in their belief that the establishment is welcoming to broad spectrum of guests.

Remington’s Men of Steel

Located at 379 Yonge Street, Remington’s Men of Steel is a strip club featuring male performers. The venue attracts women as well as gay men. Both are welcome and are at ease partying together.

Remington’s is a popular destination for bachelorette parties. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate this type of special event.

The staff at Remington’s are considered friendly. The dancers consistently garner high marks for their presentations and their chiseled bodies.


Zanzibar, at 359 Yonge Street, is yet another Toronto strip club featuring female dancers. The establishment looks small from the outside, but is much larger on the inside than one would imagine. The venue features a selection of different performers and is fairly well populated with patrons every night of the week.

Filmores Gentlemen’s Club

Filmores Gentlemen’s Club is a popular and well-reviewed nightclub in Toronto that features female performers. Filmores not only has a regular presentation of performers, but the establishment hosts special events throughout any given month. Filmores is located at 359 Yonge Street.

In addition to the adult entertainment venues mentioned here, there are a good number of other establishments in Toronto that draw crowds and get good notices from their guests. In the final analysis, Toronto truly is a city that has something for everyone, including in the adult entertainment scene.

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